How to Run a Boot-time Scan in Avast Antivirus?

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Avast Antivirus Boot-time Scan is an effective way of detecting and removing malware. The scan takes place before Windows starts up and therefore rootkits and other system modifiers have less chance to hide themselves. A Boot-time scan helpful because the scan is taking place before the operating system and drivers are loaded, and by association before any malware loaded as well. It is also the most comprehensive scans as it scans everything, including all the used or locked files. In case you don’t know how to run this Boot-time Scan in your Avast antivirus, you need to grab Avast Customer Support at the comfort from your home. The top-most technicians are happy to help you. Therefore, give them a chance to render exact solutions within a minute. Let them know your hurdle!

Run a Boot-time Scan in Avast Antivirus

Boot-time scan usually takes some time to run and it is manually scheduled to run as required not on a regular basis. It has the ability to run each and every program file no matter the file is locked or in use. In short it is the beneficial scanning program. It actually protects the user’s data from intruders. Once you run it on your PC, all the threats as well as viruses will be removed completely. Therefore, run Boot-time scan immediately and secure your PC.

Steps to Run a Boot-time Scan in Avast Antivirus

Follow the below given procedure to Run a Boot-time Scan in Avast Antivirus. Take a short note on the given points:

  • Reboot your computer system first. Start “Windows” in Safe Mode with Command Prompt according to the instructions
  • In the “Command Prompt”, type “CD” command and the location of your Avast installation file
  • Now, press “Enter”
  • Type ‘sched /A:*’ or ‘sched.exe /A:*’ into the command prompt, then press Enter to schedule a default Boot-time Scan of all local drives on your system
  • When the Command Prompt dialog indicates that the Boot-time Scan is scheduled, type shutdown /r, and then press “Enter” to reboot your system and run the Boot-time Scan
  • Once your computer restarts, a Boot-time Scan progress screen appears as Windows begins loading. For any detected threat select which action to take

The scan usually takes several minutes but the duration depends on the speed of your system and the number of files you have selected to be scanned. Windows continue booting up. Furthermore, you can dial Avast Technical Support Phone Number by just sitting at your home and discuss your trouble to the deft technicians. They will sort out your hurdle and make you feel good.

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