Fix Windows 10 Action Center Doesn’t Recognize Avast

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Avast is one of the most popular antivirus programs among the users. Many of you were using Avast on your previous version of Windows operating system. But now, have recently changed the mind to switch the Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. Don’t worry! You are going to the right direction as we all should be updated day by day so that aware of the latest technical knowledge. Even though Avast Antivirus is fully-compatible with Windows 10, but some errors may still occur. We will remove the error completely from the root when you put a call at Avast Help Phone Number. The numbers of qualified and certified engineers are working here 24/7 to give the top-notch services to the helpless users.

Fix Windows 10 Action Center Doesn’t Recognize Avast

Avast, however, is a technical product and therefore cannot avoid few technical glitches into its functioning at a few instances here and there such as Windows 10 Action Center Doesn’t Recognize. The technicians sitting at the desk are well trained for handling this type of Avast related hitches. In this article, we have listed the complete procedure of fixing such an issue.

Solutions to Fix Windows 10 Action Center Doesn’t Recognize Avast

Follow the below given instructions and perform the steps hassle-freely as it is helpful for you. What are you thinking about? Have a glance only on the noted lines:

  • Disable Avast Antivirus And Then Re-enable it

The first thing you should do is to disable the Avast antivirus software and then re-enable it again so that Windows 10 forcefully recognize it. Do the same by following the below procedure:

  1. Right-click on Avast icon in your taskbar
  2. Go to Shields control and choose Disable for 10 minutes
  3. After that, enable it again by the same way, and select Enable all shields

The above-mentioned steps will help you in recognizing Avast in Windows10. But if the issue is still presenting, there is one option you may have try out. Here’s what exactly you need to do:

  • Reset The Computer System

Go through the below lines:

  1. Right-click on the Start logo and choose Command Prompt
  2. In the Command Prompt type ‘winmgmt /verifyrepository ‘and then hit Enter
  3. If you get ‘WMI repository is consistent -no problems detected,’ type ‘winmgmt /resetrepository’ and press Enter
  4. Again if you get ‘WMI repository is inconsistent -problems detected,’ type ‘winmgmt /salvagerepository’ and press Enter
  5. If you get ‘WMI repository has been salvaged – WMI repository has been successfully rebuilt,’ continue to the last step
  6. Now, finally reset your computer

Calling at Avast Customer Support Number beneficial for you if the above methods are not giving you satisfaction. We have tech-geeks who are talented and having immense experience. They will provide you reliable and cost-effective remedy at the comfort of your home.

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