Efficient ways to Disable the Avast Email Signature

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Avast is considered as one of the great antivirus with its effective defender features. But, with its recent update, this antivirus software automatically adds its signature in all outgoing emails. However, if you don’t want signature to add in all emails, then you can easily disable it. For this, either you can take Avast Customer Service or follow the below mentioned steps carefully.

Efficient ways to Disable the Avast Email Signature

When you install Avast in your system, by default, an email signature settings turned on automatically, which inserts one of the following signature messages with all of your outgoing emails:

  • Virus-free.
  • Avast protect this email message that has been sent from a virus-free computer.
  • This email has been already checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.
  • This email is free from malware and viruses because Avast Antivirus protection is active.

One of these messages is usually appended at the bottom of all outgoing emails in your emails client software that is installed on your PC. Also, it insert signature in your Gmail, Yahoo Mail and any other webmail service provider via your web browser.

Although, this can be an annoying feature as you don’t want to tell each of your email recipient that the message has been scanned for viruses or has contain no malware. So, look at the ways by which you can disable the Avast email signature from all outgoing emails.

Effective yet simple steps to disable Avast Email Signature from Outgoing Emails

  • Look for Avast icon in the system and right click on it then select Open Avast user interface.
  • In the top right corner, click on menu and then tap on settings.
  • If you are not able to find menu icon, then you may see a settings style gear or cog icon instead.
  • On the left hand side of the screen, you need to make sure that you are in general section.
  • Search out enable Avast email signature settings and then uncheck it.
  • Tap on the OK button to close out the Avast settings window.
  • After that, in order to save changes or making an impact of these changes restart your email software and also your web browser.
  • By doing so, the Avast email signature will not bother you and your outgoing emails anymore.

Automated email signature from Avast anti-virus software sometimes can be highly annoying. But, did you know that with the help of this professionals email signature, you can actually increase the response rate of your emails and side by side promoting your brand? However, if you decided to let go the Avast signature then you can follow the above steps. While trying these steps, if you encounter any issue, then you need to dial Avast Customer Service number at once. By dialing this helpline number, you can easily eradicate lots of other issues too via taking guidance from ingenious professionals.

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