How to Customize Avast Antivirus Shields Settings?

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Avast Antivirus shields actively examine suspicious information that is coming and going from your PC, as well as potentially malicious content stored in it. Avast Shields have power to detect and block malicious files, dangerous websites, unauthorized connections, and other threats. Means, you can highly protect your data and information and make your PC safe against viruses once you Customize Avast Antivirus Shields Settings.  To know how to modify the settings of Avast Shields, you will have to give a click on only. And then you will find the right ways of customization.

How to Customize Avast Antivirus Shields Settings?

Different Possible Ways to Customize Avast Antivirus Shields Settings

Take a brief look at the below given points as you will see the top-to-toe modified process of Shields Settings. Follow point to point carefully:

  • Turn a Shield ON or OFF

Follow the below points to enable and disable a shield:

  1. Open the Avast user interface first and then go to Settings > Components
  2. Click the ON/OFF slider next to the relevant shield to make enable or disable Shields as per you want.
  • File System Shield Settings

File System Shield actively scans all the firewall programs and files. After doing this, File System Shield prevents those malware from your PC. If malware is detected, to modify the settings of this, follow the below instructions:

  1. First open the Avast user interface, and then move to Settings > Components
  2. Now, click “Customize” next to File System Shield
  3. You will see the following settings on the left panel:
  • Scan when executing
  • Check Box of Scan when opening
  • Scan when writing
  • Scan when attaching
  • Exclusions
  • Advanced
  • Actions
  • Packers
  • Sensitivity
  • Report file
  • Behavior Shield settings: To modify this, follow the below given steps:
  1. Open “Avast user interface” and then take your cursor to the option “Settings” > “Components”
  2. Now click “Customize” next to “Behavior Shield”
  3. Now, some options will be display on the screen, modify them as per your need
  • Web Shield Settings: By default, Web Shield is configured to provide optimal protection when switched on. We therefore strongly recommend you to turn-on the shield all the times and make configuration changes if you have an advanced understanding of malware protection principles. Choose the tabs on the left-side of the window to manage different aspects of Web Shield behavior. After changing all the settings, click “OK” to save Web Shield settings.

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