How to Configure Avast Firewall Security?

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Firewall is the most important feature in Avast antivirus that works to prevent you from hackers attack. There is an option of turning it on or off, so you can do it as per your demand. When Avast Firewall won’t start, your computer may not be protected or secured from external threats. The firewall checks the files and connections coming from outside your computer to see whether they pretense a threat and, if they do, it blocks them instantly. To protect your legal documents, spreadsheets and other files from any outside intrusions, Configure Avast Firewall Security by taking assistance from the tech-specialists. You only have to place a call at Avast Support Number at the comfort from your home and get the reliable help from the connoisseurs.

Firewall comprised in Avast Internet Security and Avast Premier creates rules each time an application or process starts. These rules let you inform that how Firewall behaves toward each application when it connects to the internet. Although advanced users can manage these rules or create new ones. For most use cases, Firewall formulates optimal rules without your input. If something troubles in opening the Firewall, it may not launch automatically because you stopped the conflicting program. Restart your computer and then launch Avast. To activate the firewall you should click “Firewall,” and then click “Start”. If you have application rules set up, try eliminating them from the Firewall menu to see whether one of those rules is causing a problem with the firewall.

Steps To Configure Avast Firewall Security

Our technical writer has mentioned the exact possible steps of configuring Avast firewall. You only have to give a glance on the below noted points:

  • Open the “Avast” application first by clicking on its icon and then tale your cursor on “Protection” > “Firewall”
  • After that click “Application Settings” that is at the bottom of the screen
  • Hit on the option “New application rule” and then select a group
  • Now, locate and select the executable file of the application you want to add
  • Click the group name and then use the orange bars to indicate the level of access you want to allow
  • You can also create new group by just clicking on “New Group” option and provide a name for that group
  • At the end close “Avast Internet Security” window by clicking on “Close” button

This above procedure may be helpful for you. You can avail our service via dialing Avast Antivirus Phone Number in case encountering any type of hitches while using these instructions. Our technical engineers will guide you properly all the possible solutions at an ease manner.

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