How to cancel Avast subscription?

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When the subscription date for Avast antivirus comes to an end, you will receive a notification to renew it. Sometimes it may come to your mind to try other antivirus as Avast is creating troubles like it slows down your PC or other problems. If Avast is not matching your computer like it is not compatible with the Windows or the Operating Systems, in that case, it will create a huge trouble. In other cases, Avast will not notify you about the renewal and renew your subscription automatically.

How to cancel Avast subscription?

So, to stop this problem, you need to unsubscribe it before the automatic renewal. To cancel Avast subscription, perform the steps given below. In case of any issue, you can contact Avast Customer Support Experts will deal with your issue and try to solve it out as soon as possible.

Know the procedure to cancel Avast subscription

Perform the below stated steps to cancel Avast subscription.

  1. Deactivate the Automatic renewal from the Avast account
  • Go to your Avast application and choose the Avast account.
  • Provide the Email ID that you have input while subscribing the Avast antivirus and during creating the account.
  • Search for the ‘Licenses’ section and then click on your licenses. All your licenses linked with your Email ID will be visible to you.
  • You will see that there is a ‘Cancel Auto-renewal’ option, choose it to stop auto-renewal.
  • A confirmation Window will appear, there you have to choose ‘Deactivate Auto-renewal Subscription’ to ensure the cancellation of auto-renewal.
  • When you have deactivated your subscription positively, after that you will receive a confirmation email confirming about the deactivation.
Get 24 hours guidance at your doorstep

Try out the solution that is mentioned above. If you are not able to cancel Avast subscription by this solution, then try other processes. If this procedure fails to solve your problem, then there may be other bugs with your Avast antivirus. You may not determine the actual errors if you are not a software expert. In such a case, you can easily connect with the Avast technical team by dialling Avast Customer Support Number instantly. It has extremely trained professionals who are dedicated in dealing with a broad range of Avast related issues. Apart from this, you can also get the services at your doorstep as per your suitability. So, don’t think too much and place an instant call to get the immediate solution to your problem. You can contact anytime as experts are available 24 hours.



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