Avast Secure Browser Features and Functionality

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Avast Secure Browser is a free Chromium-based web browser launched by security company Avast that is advertised as private, fast, and secure. Being a SafeZone Browser user, you may have already received an automatic update. In addition to many of the SafeZone Browser features, Avast Secure Browser now includes the Security & Privacy Center. The Security & Privacy Center is a collection of tools and features which enable you to understand and manage your online privacy and safety. You may give a click on the link www.avast.com to get more information related to Avast Secure Browser. We have deft connoisseurs who will lend your hand and proffer you entire ideas of this browser security application.

Avast Secure Browser Features and Functionality

Features and Functionalities of Avast Secure Browser

Here, we discuss about the features and different functionalities of Avast secure browser. Just read out the noted below information carefully:

  • Security and Privacy Center

The security and privacy center is a console of tools, features, and settings which allow you to understand and manage your online activity. Once you go with this service, you can view and select the tools you want to use. You can also decide by your own that how you want to configure the Avast Secure Browser.

  • Default Browser

A default browser feature allows you to select Avast Secure Browser to open a web page or web link automatically. To use this feature, go to the Security and Privacy Center or click the menu icon and then select “Settings”

  • Password Manager

The feature of Avast Secure Browser ‘Password Manager’ allows you to select a password manager. A password manager securely stores your passwords in one location. You only need to remember one master password of password manager.

  • Anti-Tracking

The Anti-Tracking feature protects your privacy. It prevents websites, analytics companies, advertising networks, and other web services from tracking your online activity. It also uses filters to completely remove web bugs, tracking scripts, and other information collectors from the sites you have visited.

  • Privacy Cleaner

Privacy Cleaner clears your browsing history stored in your browsers, such as cached images and cookies. This feature secures as well as protects your privacy and clears disk space on your PC.

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